Finding the right path for you can be a challenge in a world with so many different views of what a successful individual must be. However, it is most challenging when you are stuck focusing on your own limitations, instead of maintaining focus on what it is you can do to help yourself become that, "thriving individual"  that you are meant to be. At FIND THE WAY, LLC. we have the passion, dedication, love, commitment and knowledge to walk along your side, assisting you in your journey to "FIND THE WAY".

Find the Way, LLC.


We follow the Holistic Model that holds that all areas of human life are interconnected to form a whole. 

Finding unity between mind, body, and soul is one of the main ingredients to becoming the thriving individual you were meant to be.

WHo am i?

What ARe My Thoughts?

is my mind, body & soul tuned in?

Coming Soon: Why. Can't. YOU? Dare to Let Go and, "THRIVE" A self-help guide that will help you find the way back to the individual you were meant to be after experiencing a traumaic event such as child sexual abuse.

To accomplish the goals, objectives, or dreams you want, you must not have a reason why but a willingness to truly live, to experience being here, "present" to make a difference within you and others.

yanette Novoa, LCSW

Developing good thinking habits can be done.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy is used as one of our main approaches to therapy. Challenging your negative thoughts and working on changing them to more positive ones will definitely set the stage on your journey to Find The Way.

Have you taken the time to truly focus on, "you"?

This is difficult! However, once you have the courage to do so, it will leave you with immeasurable benefits to your over-all well-being.